The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Ramosska | Single/DM | Author: Zac -DA-DUKE-MAN- Curran | Download 90kt

'Ramosska' comes from the author of 'Nuke Bunker' and while comparing the levels you can clearly see the evolution the author has gone through. Ramosska manages to offer variety, fun and challenge but also fails in many areas. Many of the areas feel unfinished and buggy. Textures have problems with alignment and trimwork although the actual texture set works with the level's theme pretty well. Some of the areas have nice details while some lack details. For the most part lighting is very good - there are wide & dark shadows where they're supposed to be and the stairs in the end are well lit. Some of the level's locations look very good such as the street area with strange alien structures and the first forest area. Gameplay is challenging - aim first, shoot then and keep your eye on ammo packs. The level is unlinear since it has a bunch of areas where you don't have to visit at all. Ramoska is fun and challenging but feels a bit unfinished and unpolished.

Rating: 80