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Project Whatever! | Single | Author: Sangluss | Download 56kt

You might remember our friend Sang from levels such as 'Supa' & 'Supa 2' and 'Battlefield' & 'Battlefield 2' (play Battlefield to maybe understand the reason why this new one is filled with monsters). Since that he has improved his skills as a level designer and hopefully will keep doing so in the future as well. This one's a pretty typical space level. It has all the things you would find from a space levels plus a Porn Watching room (a sick creation of Sang's twisted imagination). Design is mostly average but at times it goes above and sometimes below (there has been a lot of development from Supa 2). Texturing could be a bit better trimmed & decorated. There were also textures you'd wish not to find from a space level. You'll be indoors all the time but a few times you'll have a chance to take a peek outside to see some of the structures - they're pretty good but could be shaded & decorated a bit better. Shadows are good - definitely better than in Sang's previous levels. There were a few missing light sources and some shadows acted bizarre but mostly lightning was in a pretty good condition. Gameplay is not that good - thanks to cramped & tight areas. There are a lot of monsters and every single area of the level is at least a bit too small. Even the largest area - the warehouse - is decorated with sprites, monsters & boxes so that it gets very tight with all the combat going around you. The same with Minibosses - although Sang has improved this issues since the beta version of the level it's still wrong against the player to force the player to fight against Battlelords in these small hallways. Another thing to complain about: There was one door which exploded when I reached it - wrong timing and an annoying issue concerning the gameplay. Health/monster/ammo balance is good but it's still just too cramped. You'll find health but not during the combats (and I'm not saying one should place health in the middle of a combat but just to make sure that a player doesn't need that much health during almost every combat).

Project Whatever!
Rating: 80