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The Origin 1 | Single | Author: Quakis | Download 16kt

This is an old one by Quakis ('EDF Overtaken'). It's an icy (or it could be just normal moon-like rock) planet where outdoor areas have been linked to each other with caves. Design is pretty good although there's very little variety. There are a few hi-tech rooms with good texturing & trimwork. Snowy caves are pretty simple and at times too bright (considering light sources). There are some crystals around the level - blue and red. While red ones seem to emit light quite well the blue ones do shine but don't emit light which is a bit shame - They could have generated some nice blue lightning. Gameplay is pretty much moving straight forward with some blue enemies. In the end there are some Battlelords but you don't have to fight against them - Just run if you feel like it. So 'The Origin 1' is pretty good and entertaining (for five minutes) but there really isn't anything in it. But I do like these snow(?)-covered levels.

The Origin 1
Rating: 80