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15th of May 2009

Nuts | Single/Multi | Author: Matt Cibulas | Download 14kb, Mirror (direct)

This map has 1202 enemies, but it's not even nearly as hard or as long as you'd think. The map is just one gigantic area filled with ammo and aliens. Taking down a thousand or so enemies is a minute's job: All you've got to do is circle around the area and the aliens take care of each other. I did this until there were only about a hundred enemies left. It gets only a bit hard when you have to fight an Emperor but even that gets easy once you get rid of all the distractions around him. There isn't much to say about design. What little design there is, is not bad so I'd like to see an actual map from Matt. The map is moderate fun so you probably won't regret wasting a few minutes with it.

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