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Legendaarista | Single | Author: Aaro Ruohonen | Download 8kt

This is a small & old level from the author of a good city level 'ARSP1'. In the beginning there's one room with dozens of weapons & ammunitions. Then you press a button and four walls around you open revealing tons of enemies. After you have finished them it's time to press another button and again - face tons of enemies. First comes Liztroops, then Pig Cops, then Enforcers etc. There are more than 300 enemies in this small level. But don't worry. It's pretty easy - you just need to jump, strafe & shoot all the time. There are enough Medkits & Atomic Healths to keep you alive - easily. Drones were a bit tough because of their nature and the final battle with about eight Battlelords & dozens of sentry guns. Simple, original & fun level. Find out how tough you are.

Rating: 71