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The Launch | Single | Author: Mr Greg | Download 70kt

'The Launch' Is a nice map by Mr Greg. The place is somewhere in some space-center. This center has all the stuff that you could find from real space-centers. There are offices, bathrooms, computer rooms, sewers, mess halls, crew quarters and the shuttle itself. Level is fun and monster/ammo thing well balanced. Puzzles are good - you'll find yourself in many fresh locations (subway, hive, sewer etc.). But the biggest problem is design which is all over the level below average (same kind of design that I had when I had builded a little bit over a year). Shadows and textures belong to same class with the design (as usually). Not so brilliant. But the structure (in case I know what 'structure' means) and gameplay feel are good so this level is for everyone who likes to play Duke. Definitely not a bad level.

The Launch
Rating: 80