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Los Angeles 2019 | Single | Author: Rogier van Lokven | Download 56kt

'Los Angeles 2019' is a typical city level with lots of bugs - due to lack of beta-testing of course. The basic structure is ok as well as locations but design is a bit poor. Not that it would lack in details but some areas have bad textures, they're too bright or they include lots of misaligned textures. Also streets are filled with trash cans which are as big as Duke! Car outside looks a bit poor as well (futuristic car in the middle of modern looking city). Outdoor shadows are pretty well made (especially in the beginning) but inside areas were a bit poor. Puzzles are also a bit odd. You can walk straight to the end if you wish (or if you find it). There are many locations but no keys. Probably you'll search the whole level before you find that nukebutton. This is a bit unchallenging. In the beginning level also gives too less ammunitions. You'll run out of them and start using pistol unless you find some secret locations (I didn't at first). But in any case this level is still fun but it's just that with some simple key & bug fixes it could have been better. For city fans.

Los Angeles 2019
Rating: 77