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Jungle Tour | Single | Author: Stephano Lessa | Download 70kt

As a beta-tester of this level I have played it more than once. Actually I have tested it numerous times. And it really has developed since the first version. But you can't tell that of course because you have only this - final version of the level. 'Jungle Tour' is mainly outdoor level. There are large outdoor areas, canyons, waterfalls, caves etc. In the end you'll visit some base. Design is average. By beta-testing we have been able to remove the most serious problems so now at least the nature looks quite good. Shadows are ok but level could have used a bit more of them. Textures were all quite well picked. Level isn't filled with details but it isn't empty either. Far from it. So when design is packed and average we shall move to gameplay. Gameplay is very good. Monster & item placement is very good. Puzzles are normal & fun. There's some button hunting at the end side of the level which works well. So what we have here is a good single-player level in outdoor locations. Design is average and gameplay good. So every single-player fan should download this.

Jungle Tour
Rating: 81