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Fast Track | Single/DM | Author: Matt (YoshiYount) | Download 90kt

Fast Track is from the author of 'Research', 'Condemed' and 'Ghetto'. Matt has taken a step forward in each level and 'Fast Track' is a bigger step forward. It's easily a lot better than his latest Research (which pulled the same score but SP & DM maps can't be compared). Design in some areas is very good and shadowing looks better but still many areas are missing details and shadows. Perhaps author should have used more time with those empty sectors and so they could easily reach the same quality with the rest of the level. A good example of good design can be seen in the screenshot. Unreachable space scenery looks nice and island with some strange Pokémon looking statue is good too. Outside area with tank is quite nice with some good spotlights and war theme (broken ground, small bunker) but the tank could have used better textures and some more details (see MSSP6 as an example). Also there shouldn't be invisible walls. Spritework can be compared to design. In some places it's great and in some places it's poor. There are also some texture align problems which should be always removed during beta-phase.

Fast Track
Rating: 81