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EDMAN-2 : Nuclear Seas | Single | Author: Corey Eddy | Download 140kt

In case you failed to realize it already this one's a sequel to a level called 'EDMAN-1' (yeah that's right). Play it to understand exactly where this one fails. The level starts pretty well - texturing, design & shadows are all there in most areas. Most rooms in the beginning are well decorated & textured but a few of them lack details (such as the outdoor area in the beginning - unlike the second 'backyard' outdoor area which is a good looking one excluding its invisible wall) and look kinda poor. The level repeats some of the common design flaws such as invisible barriers. But mostly the first half of the level is an enjoyable experience. Then comes the yard... What has been lost in details has been replaced by tons of monsters - the big yard is a frustrating experience. Then there are the caves - filled with tons of slimers these confusing & tight caves are quite far from that enjoyable gaming experience the level had in the beginning. But luckily you're able to avoid the whole cave system if you do a little jumping - you don't even have to take the elevator down to the place with the red key doors. So this particular shortcut is recommended to all those who find it. The last part of the map - the small harbor - is pretty good with some nice structures & sceneries. In the end you can choose between a boss fight & normal ending which is always a good thing. The choice is yours but if I had to pick between this and its prequel I'd take the first one because of the frustrating gaming experience in this one.

Rating: 81