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EDF Base | Single/DM | Author: David Sonnier | Download 52kt

An old map from the author of City Suicide and Davecity 2 (although this one's older than the two just mentioned). The map is heavily hi-tech/base with a few outdoor areas, a bit too many vents and some hangars. There isn't much variety, a storage area with a bunch of offices is usually followed by another tunnel/air duct. Some of the shadows look pretty good but are non-existant in other locations. It's a bit noobish but not as bad as rookie levels usually tend to be. At least it avoids most of the all too usual alignment bugs.
The gameplay consists of finding keys and buttons but the monster/ammo balance offers quite a lot of challenge (at least on s2). I ran out of ammo a few times and was forced to run, take cover and hide. It seemed a bit impossible at a few locations but things usually turned better.
Noobish and challenging but neither ugly nor impossible. A bit of rewarding at the end.

EDF Base
Rating: 81