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Dis Durdy Town | Single | Author: Vin Jams | Download 120kt

This one's pretty strange - Design is full of beginner flaws such as misaligned textures (some of them look horrible and don't fit in with the theme), too big scale in some locations etc. but lightning is mostly damn good - but only if we forget about light sources. The room in the screenshot is just one example - there are many more. Shadows are wide & dark and act as they should - just that they don't always have a source. Design & texturing needs a lot more work. Texturing needs to be richer, more decorated with trimwork and better aligned. While some places have quite rich design (but not much above average) others feel completely empty. Also puzzles are not logical and they're quite confusing. Some of them are very nasty. If you want to make realistic city levels you have to keep logic and sense in mind. Excluding the puzzles gameplay is pretty good with well balanced monster/ammo number. Maybe a few Battlelords could have spiced things up a bit.

Dis Durdy Town
Rating: 76