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Dark Place | Single | Author: Taivo Maripuu | Download 91kt

'Dark Place' is dark & spooky level. It has some ruined & alien infested prison, lots of underground sections & a cemetery. Maripuu tried to make it tough but for me - it was mostly annoying. First part in prison is button hunting from one small room to another. Second part in some underground cave was annoying walking around thin ridges - if you're not too careful you'll drop to death. And you have to go through it twice - teleport would have been better way to exit. Third part in some icy cave/cemetery was pretty good. Design is mostly quite good - locations are interesting and dark theme is well done. Level isn't too dark so you know where you're going. Sounds are messed up because of dozens of water drips, thunder sounds & other ambient sounds which are all combined together too close to each other (well I'm not sure about the reason). A good level with quite good design but tough puzzles tend to be annoying.

Dark Place
Rating: 83