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13th of February 2007

Dark Beach | Single/DM | Author: ultra tree 85! | Download 83kt, Filefront mirror

ultra tree 85!'s "Dark Beach" is a rather long map. The second time I played it it took me about 25 minutes. The gameplay is, for the most part, good although there were a few fights where I could have used a bit more space. It's not always clear where you should go as the map lacks a clear theme (one minute you're in a space ship and the next you're blasting aliens on a beach). Design is where the level fails. It's mostly sloppy and rushed. There's hardly any trimwork (texturing is simple and undecorated). At least it's not empty; it seems that beginner levels are divided between those with empty rooms and those that are filled with tons of sprites instead of details. And, as I said, the theme is not very consistent throughout the level (and what is that teleport doing in a bathroom?) The "space" section reminded me of the levels I built before I learned how to make skies appear normally. Shadows are okay for the most part, some of them looked quite good actually.

Dark Beach
Rating: 71