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Another Crazy Day | Single/DM | Author: Odaise Gaelach | Download 48kt

This is Gaelach's first released level and there's still a lot to learn for him. 'Another Crazy Day' is a city level with lots of nasty button puzzles, subways, six keys, strange locations etc. First of all - shadows are missing almost completely. The street in the beginning for example - they're very bright. Where are the shadows? Where are the light sources? The sewer area for example: It has no light sources at all but it's still bright. Same goes to almost every location in this level. Scale is also a bit too big at times but I have seen worse. Some doors had a bit strange sound effects and one door opened to a wrong direction. Enemy/weapon balance is poor. It took me ages to locate the shotgun. The number of monsters is very low. Action is almost non-existant. Puzzles are closer to Doom than Duke. Buttons & keys are scattered around the level without any good logic. This is supposed to be a realistic city but still you can find some very strange locations. 'Another Crazy Day' isn't a complete disaster. There were some nice action sequences like that building explosions & the escape in the end. Give it a try - we all have done levels like this when we started.

Another Crazy Day
Rating: 70