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Space Vessel | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 102kt

Size doesn't mean quality and here we can see how true that statement is. 'Space Vessel' is an incredible buggy level with tons of align bugs, no shadows, unlogic puzzles etc. Textures are very lame - take a look at the floor for example - or walls or whatever. They have also been misaligned - especially above doors and author tried to hide this by picking a new texture above each door (or doors are all way up to the roof). There are also missing user art textures. Doors & elevators are also missing sounds. In fact the only ambient sound in this level is that annoying fire sound (you know those fires which they never used in Duke3D?). Level is also full of other bugs as well. And how can Duke just go and walk in space? Level is huge - there are three big parts but you don't have to explore a bit to exit the level. All you have to do is enter two rooms and you'll find yourself out there in space staring at nukebutton. Where are the keys? And this level has some colored lightning but zero shadows - and I'm serious - no shadows. Also level is far too difficult. When the level starts you'll immediately lose about 50-80 health due to a Sentry Drone that is placed right behind the start point. There's a major lack of health & ammo as well. So 'Space Vessel' is a big level which you can complete in one minute if you know where to go and it's far from a good looking level.

Space Vessel
Rating: 62