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6th of June 2009

The Chronic: Compton | Single | Author: Sanek | Download 14kb

This is a part of The Chronic episode Sanek is working on with Zykov Eddy. (The first part was relesed some months ago.) The level consists of a square street area (with four buildings) and two hi-tech areas with the former part taking about two thirds of the map. The street area is easily the better side of the map. It's consistent in its theme and has some good looking stuff such as cars, 3d furniture, street lights, mediocre trimming and some surroundings that make the area appear as part of a larger city instead of just a confined area in the middle of nowhere. In one of the buildings you get teleported to a hi-tech base. This is where it gets sloppy. There are two base areas separated by an underwater segment. The base areas are cramped in a way that makes MRCK's older maps seem open and are just a collection of random square rooms one after another that seem to serve no purpose. The underwater area is a smallish maze inhabited by dozens of sharks - enough said.

This could have been a low-grade Hot Map but it got so sloppy after the city part that there's no way it's even close to being a hottie now. Everything after the city part seems rushed and without a proper theme. I also noticed some missing door sounds and sloppy texturing in the first part. Item/monster ratio felt good and the level was relatively fun to play assuming we don't count the stupid underwater segment. My advice would have been to concentrate on the first part alone, perhaps make it a bit longer and improve design and scrap the entire hi-tech part.

Rating: 81

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