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Mega-CGR V2.0 | Single/DM | Author: Aymeric -MRCK - Nocus | Download 76kt

One of MRCK's early works. The style is recognizeable although it's not even nearly as good as today. The level is a bit like Overtime - there's a surrounding area and a building in the center (this time it's McDonalds). There's a movie theater too which is the heart of the level. Gameplay is quite enjoyable with a bunch of keys & buttons but the design could be a lot better - now it's awfully empty. The street areas are nicely covered with trees but that's about it - the walls surrounding the gameplay area could use a lot more work. Texturing inside the theater is also a bit too simple.
Mega-CGR is not a bad level - it's fun and it doesn't look that bad. It's mostly very clean and totally bug free so give it a try. If you wish to have more of MRCK's old levels then try 'Tours'.

Mega-CGR v2.0
Rating: 78