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11th of October 2007

Blue Room | Single/DM | Author: reydelsurf | Download 1.74Mb

Blue Room is a medium size (took me 18 minutes) city map. It plays pretty well although a few times I was close to running out of bullets. The stadium may be a bit unbalanced for some players and there's an unfair firefight right before the end. I managed to run through the map without dying but it got close in those few spots. No difficulty settings have been implemented. There's a cool boat ride sequence as well as some moving cars that pump up the level's atmosphere.
Design is the biggest problem. Most areas are quite big which is bad when you're not used to building details - empty areas look even emptier. Some areas lack shadows, some have moderate lighting effects. Texturing is not bad but there are hardly any trims. There is some interesting architecture such as the second street area and some mountains near the end but even they are in dire need of details. The level comes with a cool new midi and some art from Duke DC.

Blue Room
Rating: 78