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Battlefield 2 | Single/DM | Author: Sangluss | Download 78kt

Another combat level by Sang "Serious" Gluss. This level is clearly inspired by Serious Sam where you encounter tons of enemies on wide outdoor areas. Level is flat and logic is forgotten somewhere in the middle of all those combats. This is a lot bigger than the first Battlefield level - especially if you don't know where to go. Keys & monsters are mostly spawned near 'key points' where you'll find weapons & buttons. Combats are pretty fair as you're given ammunitions quite often but that depends on which route you take. Design is quite low quality but at times the nature looked quite good and there were some nice shadows (although many places were left without shadows). Some elements are better than in the first Battlefield but some are worse. Judge yourself. If you want to fight against 200 monsters and find some keys then get this one. Fun for a while but might get frustrating if you get lost.

Battlefield 2
Rating: 73