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Battlefield | Single | Author: Sangluss | Download 8kt

Battlefield is a small single-player level from Sangluss (Supa & Supa 2). It has a touch of Serious Sam in it. Large areas filled with respawning monsters, simple puzzles, lots of weapons and some not-so-often used sound effects for doors, elevators etc. Design is poor and empty. According to Sangluss this is a gameplay level but Battlefield could have used at least a minimal amount of details. Weapon/monster respawn system works very well and gameplay rocks. Simple puzzles & good action is guaranteed. In the end you'll face some tougher monsters such as Battlelords & Commanders. You'll probably run out of health but there's enough room to cover from enemy bullets. Even design is non-existant the level is still very enjoyable and it even has some replay value. Definitely a level you should get.

Rating: 73