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Atogad | Single/DM | Author: Andi Sevcik | Download 36kt

Well first of all if you're going to play this one with 1.5 you need to cheat once to get pass one door which won't open if you're using 1.5 - Strange but that's how it is. This particular door is in the beginning - next to a long hallway with lights on both sides. The beginning of 'Atogad' is a bit strange and feels a bit 'off'. It has some nasty puzzles but once you get through them you'll feel a lot better. 3/4 of the level is mostly well designed with good shadows and ok details (and even some spritework). There are also some nice effects like well made reflecting floors and some good looking wood structures. Theme varies a bit too much. 'Atogad' is mostly a city level but there are some strange things which I wouldn't expect to see in a city (a stairway in the middle of a yard for example). Some doors has too big scale. Monster/ammo balance is good and puzzles are interesting (and as I mentioned - some are too tough but only in the beginning). Good shadows and good design with some flaws and stupid things but 'Atogad' proves that Andi Sevcik has potential.

Rating: 83