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AT_AT Walker | Single | Author: Slawomir " LAW " Lawrynowicz | Download 81kt

A mix of 'Bobsp' and 'GjHoyer'. Small map with 'Wannabee Bob' details. Also some parts from Greg's GjHoyer. It just doesn't work. Lack of good puzzles is replaced with lots of creatures. Normal medium size room has tons of enemies to shoot at - this gets boring. Map is trying to have details but it still is empty. Textures are quite bad too. For exampe there's a one hallway which is designed like the one in 'Bobsp1' - walls are covered with pipes - but textures are very badly picked so it doesn't look like Bobsp1. Also doors that should open to sides are now opening up. The At_At Walker itself looks quite boring and I didn't even noticed it at first (I just thought that there were some pillars on the ground). If you want good Starwars vehicles then get 'Bobafett' (added here a long time ago). Anyway 'At_At Walker' isn't a big zip file and it's not pain to run through it so download it and judge yourself.

At_At Walker

Rating: 72