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Unwanted Answers | Single/DM | Author: Zerohour Software | Download 624kt

This one's here mostly for nostalgic reasons. Zerohour Software's four (or was it three?) levels which were available at Dukeworld's special levels section were one of the first usermaps I got from the internet. They were also one of the first levels which were considered 'something special' back then. "Unwanted Answers" was one of them. The level is pretty typical space level with average design & good gameplay. It fails mostly in lightning. The level could use a lot more realistic shadows - particularly the outdoor areas (unreachable sceneries) and the hallways. Design is ok with a few nice details but nothing major - many sectors could use more work. Gameplay is pretty well balanced with some tough fights with Battlelords & mini Overlords. The level works fine with 1.3d but due to con changes it doesn't support Atomic Edition that well - you can give it a try with Atomic but you won't see any mini Overlords (and if you try this one with Atomic DON'T use the bat file to launch the level). Also check Zerohour TC.

City Suicide
Rating: 80