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Annoying 2 | Single | Author: Numan | Download 901kt

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't apply here. Numan's first level "Annoying" was a standard rookie level with a serie of bizarre & empty hallways connected to each other. After four months of work and numerous feedback posts Numan has come up with a brand new level which is light years ahead of his first level.
The level has its highlights. Lightning is pretty good with some nice shadows being cast all over the level. The first half of the level is pretty dark so my advice is to play it far away from the sunlight (you might miss some things). Texturing is average. The first half - the sewer - overuses the green brick texture. Mixing it with a bunch of other textures and trimming some edges a bit would have made it clearly better. There are also some alignment bugs and that open street area in the end could have used a lot more trimwork.
The level has some good looking rock formations and destroyed street areas. Although the last big area is a bit empty the annihilated part really stands out.
The theme is also a bit unclear. The first part which seems to be a sewer has stuff in it which you'd not expect to find from a sewer.
There are other issues too. The bar area has far too many switches that you can't press. They seem to be codeless and working but for some unknown reason they can't be used. It'd been a lot better if these switches had been replaced by broken switches or code locks. Also many unopenable swing doors have been made by placing flat sprites on the walls which looks awful and should never be done. The bar area also has windows made of maskwalls which means you can shoot through them and if destroyed by an explosion there's an invisible wall blocking your way. These issues should have been fixed during the beta-test phase but they weren't.
Gameplay is pretty good. I had some difficulties hitting monsters but that's because I played Duke without autoaim FOR THE FIRST TIME. There is quite a lot of monsters and sometimes ammo seems to be running out but usually there's a well placed ammo pack close. And while I had no trouble beating those four Battlelords in the end I'm sure that some less experienced players will find the part too difficult. The new midi is a good one.

So in the end "Annoying 2" turned out to be a fine level but with a bunch of flaws. Many of these flaws should have been noticed by beta-testers and the theme should be more obvious. Hopefully these issues don't appear in Numan's next map.

The readme file is missing the following info: You MUST have the latest Jonof to play this level. "Annoying 2" exceeds the old sector limit.

Annoying 2
Rating: 81