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Alien Planet | Single/DM | Author: Devastator | Download 154kt

I have no idea why new game.con & user.con files are included but anyways they are there in the zip and I suggest you to leave them out during installation. Compared to author's previous level 'Space Vessel' this is a master piece. Alien Planet is an interesting level. It's green alien planet with lots of green textures & palette. Design is average. There are some misalign bugs and some textures are lame. However there are some details, interesting locations & non-reachable places. At some locations shadows are missing (in the very beginning) but there are locations where they look very good (building site). Puzzles are quite interesting but it has one bad flaw - if you do things in wrong order you're prevented to continue (push the button before shooting the reactors). Alien cave/sewer is a very annoying place. The amount of eggs is too big - you might run out of bullets which you need to shoot one button (you can't do it with RPG). A nice level with good locations and some bugs. Still well worth checking out.

Alien Planet
Rating: 81