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5 Maps | Single/DM | Author: Josh Groom | Download 83kt

Josh Groom made five Duke maps back in the time when Duke was still fresh and new. These five maps are made in the year 1996-97. The style is like it was back then. Lots of imagination - no sign of realism or detailing. Just strange rooms and huge halls with different stuff inside and lots of monsters. That's what maps back then was. 'Sludge' is a level where you travel in a sewer system to locate an alien city. 'Ricki' is a Ricki Lake tv-show studio (and whole lot more than just a studio). 'Opiate' is a half-temple half-city level. 'Space' is of course half-space and earth map and 'ChaosAd' is a tiny level with Overlord in the middle. Apart from ChaosAd each level has Emperor in the end. Levels has lots of explosions, tunnels, large halls and almost each one has over 100 enemies. Fun and nostalgic maps. Download the pack to see yourself what kind of levels were in the beginning of Duke.

5 Maps
Rating: 71