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The Big City | Single/DM | Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Download 97kt

Maarten's first map (this is not Maarten Pinxten) is a city map with lots of 'Roch' feel. It has vehicles around the streets, secrets, same blue sky etc. Anyway design isn't as good as in Roch serie. There are too many align bugs and things like that which could have been fixed easily. Shadows aren't so realistic and there aren't many of them. Secret places (not much of them) aren't as clever as those in Roch maps and there aren't so many of them. Gameplay is quite good but I got lost when I was trying to find the blue key (I was a bit stupid I think). Monsters are quite well placed and there are a lot of ammunitions around the map. Anyway this map looks too much like 'first map'. It has tons of 'easy to fix' bugs and design looks sometimes cheap. Good map to have fun with.

The Big City
Rating: 79