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15th of February 2004

XXX | Single | Author: ? | Download 53Kt

Description: One 'XXX Stacy' more among so many others. The level shares some with the original level and the theme is very close to the one we so much love in the original game.

Design: Simple and well shaded. As mentioned above the style is close to the original Duke3D city level style. There are details but not really any eye candy. Some walls could use more trimwork and better aligned textures. There were also missing light sources. However lightning is good all over the level.

Textures: A simple E3L1 & E4L7 set which could use more trimwork. A bit more complex texturing would have helped this level a bit. There was also one missing texture in a small movie theater.

Gameplay: It depends on which route you take but you might have to play with your pistol for a while. Of course there's always a chance you can get one from a dead Pig Cop. There's enough health but less ammo. So don't waste your valuable shotgun ammo on breakable objects. There's one encounter with Battlelord in a tight space but it's not that difficult. Simple key/button puzzles but it's entertaining.

Innovations: Njah.

Conclusion: An average XXX-themed level with a bit above average design & fun gameplay.

Rating: 86