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Christmas 2002 | Single | Author: Kevin Cools | Download 111kt

So here we have another Christmas level from Kevin Cools (Borg Nukem, Christmas 2001 etc.). It's a combination of hi-tech & winter theme. Gameplay is almost perfect. There are lots of keys to find. Puzzles are excellent. They're a bit more complex than usually - Only thing I have to complain is that vent puzzle in the beginning (not really a puzzle - just took me ages to realize how to destroy that vent hatch). Oh and it took also ages to realize to get back inside and take that red key from miles distance. Level is full of activity. Lights turn red, explosions occur, monsters appear etc. There are ladders & other cool effects. Level is very much alive. That's one thing that made Half-Life so popular. Kevin has also his own way to use palette (some similarities with Merljin & Maarten Oostrum's style) which I find at times excellent & unique but at times a bit lame (like in the start room). Design is original & detailed. Uses some sector-over-sector stuff (invented by Billy Boy) which looks great but causes some graphic bugs in the beginning. Compared to 'Christmas 2001' this one has a bit worse design but better gameplay and these two together make it a bit better level.

Christmas 2002

Rating: 94