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Christmas 2001 | Single | Author: Kevin Cools | Download 100kt

Kef's latest is an icy level with some nice new ideas and cool design. The most impressive thing in this level is the way Kevin uses blue colored lighting. Blue lighting is eyecandy and gives more feeling to the map. Kevin also created moveable boxes and some other nice ideas like ground that suddenly explodes. New Year fireworks in the end are one of the biggest explosions ever seen in Duke and I'm sure Kevin used lots of time creating the whole thing. Design is detailed inside the base but some snow areas like the one in the beginning could have used more detailing and perhaps smaller scale. Another bad thing is sector where you must make your way through laser defence which is really annoying (I died at least three times here). Bridge is also very impressive because it's big and constructed using only sprites. Sector-over-sector thing is good looking (not the normal sector-over-sector thing but the one that we saw in 'Clearwater' and 'Deadfall'). Blue fires in front of a car are nice. Anyways this is Kef's best level (well we haven't yet seen what kind of levels his Borg Nukem includes) and a nice after-Christmas present. TXT is also worth to take a look at:)

Christmas 2001

Rating: 93