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10th of May 2004

White Rabbit | Single | Author: Tea Monster | Download 90Kt

Description: "Follow the White Rabbit" and end up in a Wonderland or whatever. This one has gone through many phases of development & testing and now it's here. The level is a mix of 'weird' hi-tech & nature (oh and there's a pirate ship as well).

Design: This one's a bit unrealistic. There are hi-tech complexes, space rockets, alien spaceships, pirate ships, bars and a lot more. Most of the design is good in its own way - it's not the kind of design you have seen before. A few places could use more details but it's pretty okay as it is now. Could use a lot more trimwork at times. Some places look very good such as the sunken pirate ship & the ending outdoor area with the craft. Nature is mostly good looking excluding the beginning.

Textures: This one doesn't really follow any particular style. There are many different textures thrown together - the results are sometimes good (and interesting - definitely original), sometimes not that good but never bad. What would improve things a lot is richer/cleaner trimwork & other means of decoration.

Gameplay: 'White Rabbit' ain't the shortest level out there. There's quite a lot to explore and things get pretty unlinear at times. Monster/ammo balance is very good - there are some interesting confrontations with Battlelords. Not sure if having those 'fire things' which keep spawning that annoying sound all the time are such a good idea in this game at all (were they even used in the original game?).

Innovations: Not really anything new - the whole level feels pretty fresh with the kind of style which has not been copied from anyone (although it does bring back some memories from the old ages of this crappy old game).

Conclusion: Good and above average level but the main problem seems to be that the level tries to mix too many themes in one resulting in a bit strange texturing & locations. "White Rabbit" is a name that fits with the level.

Rating: 87