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WGSpace 3 | Single | Author: William Gee | Download 351kt

William Gee continues his space-level saga with this third level which's based on some icy moon. Level is huge and will take more than twenty minutes. It's full of key hunting, buttons and loads of monsters (over 200). Design also varies from deep mines to wide open surface areas. Design is good but not as detailed as in William's two previous levels. Shadows & lightning are lamer than they were in WGSpace1 & 2. Especially wide open areas are too bright. They could have used lots of shadows. There are some custom sounds from Half-Life - Idea is good but unfortunately buggy. At least on my computer these new sounds were very buggy - They stopped in the middle of sound and started again from the beginning which was very disturbing. Some sprite-bridges look quite ridiculous. One piece of metal doesn't save them from looking weird and unrealistic (snow doesn't hold like that). There's also one more bug: William is from New Zealand where English is native-language but txt-file has more spelling errors than my english exam from third grade (when I was ten). Anyways locations are very good and interesting. There are also some trains which we all remember from Lunar Apocalypse. Explosions, Battlelords, ambient sounds all keep you awake all the time. Huge level with very good gameplay, tons of monsters (not too difficult however), very good structure, ok details & ok lighting.

WGSpace 3

Rating: 94