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18th of June 2011

Watergun | Single/Multi | Author: Kevin "Gamerjoe" Sipes | Download

The review: I've stumbled upon this map a few times throughout the years; I remember playing it in 1997 for the first time. Watergun is a smallish flooded city but there are a couple of "bad" puzzles that may needlessly extend the map's duration. Visually the map is pretty good, especially for something that was built in 1996. Lighting is strong, the street area has a nice sense of scale and the flooded sections look, well, flooded. As said, there a couple of bad puzzles involving semi-hidden buttons that are not too illogical if you've played Duke maps before. There's a boss fight at the end of the map, which is rather dull. Luckily you can leave the room where this fight takes place and pick up items (including a Devastator) you might have missed.

Rating: 85

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