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We Store Your Crap! | Single | Author: Daniel Aashage | Download 76kt

Daniel has made some excellent Duke levels. They have had quite nice puzzles but the newest one 'We Store Your Crap!' is too extremely difficult. End of the level puzzles spoils the gameplay totally. Once you get outside you are completely lost. I won't tell anything more about the details of those puzzles - find out yourself. I'm sure you'll encounter lots of troubles finding solutions. You are lucky if you can reach those pipebombs (and even more lucky if you find out what you can do with them):) The beginning of the level has also too stupid puzzle. You have to shoot through the glass that should block the bullets (other glass through the level holds bullets).
Things like details, design, shadows and texturing are all good - perhaps some shadows are a bit too bright but everything else except puzzles are great.
With easier puzzles this level would have scored better.

We Store Your Crap!

Rating: 90