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10th of October 2004

Antartica: Outpost 31 | Single | Author: Stéphane 'Stef' Méganck | Download 780Kt

Description: The main reviewer for AMC didn't get enough of Duke by just reviewing the levels - he wanted to build one by himself. Being an experienced Duke player Stef knew exactly what a good level needs. 'Outpost 31' is a snowy hi-tech/outdoor level.

Design: As a fan of snow levels this one had a positive effect on me. The snow covered nature looks pretty with the red sunset sky. Lightning is mostly good - at times very good. However some of the outdoor areas could have used a bit richer lightning. Another con is the flatness of outdoor areas - They should have been a bit more realistic and 'wilder'. Considering the fact that this is Stef's first level the helicopter looks VERY good (not even I could do something like that).

Textures: Pretty basic stuff. The snow looks snow enough and combined with the sunset sky it looks very good. The green military style used for tents & crates also fits well with the level's outdoor atmosphere.

Gameplay: Some buttons & keys. Nothing difficult. There are a few tougher combats with a bunch of Pig Cop Tanks (including an invasion style scene). Some secrets have been added for those who enjoy searching them (I missed 2 out of 4). The new wind sound is brilliant (check 'Jungle Tour 3: Ice Age').

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Installation is easy - The level comes with a bat file and a bunch of new files. There's no need to overwrite anything. The level itself is fun and pretty well designed. If Stef's first level is this good I wonder how his second level is going to look.

Rating: 87