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12th of February 2006

The Theft (Der Wald) | Single | Author: Phoenix | Download 103Kb

Description: Munasta serie returns to Earth and Duke faces another unlinear, a bit out of this world, usermap. Check previous parts here, here and here.

Design: Outdoor lightning is excellent with a lot of sloped shadows. As for the rest - it's good but a bit basic. The level consists mostly of outdoor/nature areas with a good amount of details but there could be more. My usual complaint is that any mountains surrounding the gameplay area should be sloped to appear more realistically (instead of being just flat walls).

Gameplay: The map is one of the most unlinear levels I've seen (for Duke that is) - and it's not even that unlinear. You have many options ever since the beginning and many of the places turned out to be quite useless (unless you're into exploration). There are many nice little tricks like a cool door made of a building wall texture, rising pillars and a door that, once activated, lowers to reveal an underground hallway. There are two ways to reach the exit and there's plenty of underwater action. How hard is it depends on the path you choose. Search for bullets and you should be fine.

Conclusion: I kinda liked this "new" approach. The second playthrough was fun - I found myself looking for secrets and alternative routes. Design is in need of a bit of polishing but it's still above average.

Rating: 89