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18th of May 2003

Tropical Alien Massacre | Single/DM | Author: Rob Wijkstra | Download 1.34Mt

Description: A tropical city level from the author of City Terror who also made 'Sewers and Strippers'.

Design: It feels very fresh to receive levels like this to your mailbox. Theme is not overused - there are some tropical levels out there and of course Duke Carribean but this one for sure is one of the best. Tropical theme is very well used. There are palm trees, new textures (read below), water, buildings etc. Shadows are very impressive - they're dark enough and they're where they should be. Tropical feel is right there.

Textures: Uses mostly new textures from City Terror. New building textures are very good. Original textures wouldn't even fit with the theme. Water looks fresh, sky is yellow and rock is white/gray. White canyon texture might sound a bit strange but it works damn well - perhaps even better than the original brown canyon texture.

Gameplay: Gameplay is typical key hunting. Works well and is fun as hell. Final battle against Battlelord is a bit tough due to lack of ammunitions but you'll make it if you find cover. Anyways gameplay is very close to original Duke3D city levels - well balanced.

Innovations: Outstanding theme.

Conclusion: Rob Wijkstra is mostly known from his City Terror mod but his two single-player levels - 'Sewers and Strippers' & 'Tropical Alien Massacre' proves that he can do very good single-player levels as well.

Rating: 92