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11th of November 2003

SUPA 3 | Single | Author: Sangluss & Oostrum brothers (& God) | Download 524Kt

Description: 'SUPA 3' is Sang's latest level in his SUPA serie. This time the level has been filled with details by the Oostrum brothers. SUPA 3 is a snowy city level with lots of monsters & puzzles. Note: The level - SUPA 3 - has been approved by the Almighty (although the level includes a sound clip which is usually encountered in places where people have dark/long hair & black clothes - This proves that not even God has taste).

Design: Design seems to be at times a bit divided. While some areas are filled with details others are lacking them. This is due to SUPA 3 being done by three authors. I wouldn't go and say there are any poor areas - Just that there is a clear difference between some of the parts (although well mixed together into one theme). I like snow covered levels and this is one of those levels which should be played near Christmas. Design features numerous locations such as streets filled with snow (& a nice looking church), an underwater maze, normal apartments, dark storage areas, a store etc.

Textures: Nothing outstanding - Sang uses pretty typical textures and his parts could use more trimwork. Merlijn & Maarten are both known for their way to combine different textures.

Gameplay: Gameplay is quite typical key hunting with quite a lot of monsters. There's also one underwater maze - Not too confusing - a bit unrealistic of course but still quite enjoyable (that is - if you like swimming).

Innovations: Njah - There's a small clip of some System Of A Down song which is too silent.

Conclusion: Pretty well designed level with tons of monsters and for sure it will bring winter to your computer. The level reminds me a bit of Winter. Zip includes some unfinished levels by Sang.

Rating: 88