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23rd of December 2008

Skycity 2 | Single/Multi | Author: Ilovefoxes | Download 60Kb

Description: Another worthy map from ILoveFoxes, SkyCity 2 is a sequel to SkyCity (although released shortly after SkyCity 3), which, if you remember, ended as Duke entered an airplane. Guess where this one takes place?

Review: Okay, so after I had played this one, I actually dug up two other known plane maps*, Boeing 747 and Passenger Jet (both now re-scored). All three maps are quite similar for obvious reasons (how many different looking planes are there?). You get the passenger compartments, the cargo area, the cockpit etc. SkyCity 2 has slightly more variety since at one point you get to exit the plane, fly on top of it to pick up a key card and then return back inside. It's a well conceived scene with air combat during which you have to keep an eye on your jetpack gauge. There's also a short city scene near the end.

The level is well designed but slightly monotonous. You get to shoot a lot of bad guys through curtains in the cabin area which should give you a sense of deja vu in case you have played the classic cs_747. Combat is mostly close-quarter and as such a bit cramped but less so than in Boeing or Passenger. I'd have wished to see more proper lighting in the cabin area and more ambient sounds. In both Boeing and Passenger the cabin areas seemed a bit more alive and you get to see outside from the cabin area which is something you don't get to see in this one (though you get to see the amazing looking plane from outside once you exit the cargo bay).

Conclusion: Another fun and well designed airplane map with something new to show.

*I guess CC Star Ship V2 also qualifies as a plane map but is not comparable to the rest due to its futuristic theme.

Rating: 90