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1st of May 2003

The Shipment | Single/DM | Author: Chris Coleman | Download 96kt

Description: Dark desert/hi-tech level from the author of 'IMF Base Vengeance', 'CC_RLMDM' & 'CC Star Ship V2'. This is the second part of Chris' Dark Front serie.

Design: Well first of all shadows are very impressive. This is mostly caused by the dark-red sky which allows excellent use of outdoor lighting. Outdoor areas are mostly dark but there are some light sources and they look very realistic. It's the same indoors - light sources are realistic and impressive. However the level is too dark (read 'Gameplay'). 'The Shipment' is quite well detailed and especially outdoor sceneries are nice with some unreachable locations and good usage of plants.

Textures: Quite typical canyon/hi-tech textures. Nothing very original here except that red sky.

Gameplay: Gameplay is unfortunately spoiled by some annoying issues like darkness & enemy/health balance. Mostly enemy/health balance is good but things get difficult in the end. That dark location near the end with blue lock is very difficult with two Commanders, some Liztroops & many Drones. Drones explode & fly through this sprite bridge which is an annoying issue. Darkness isn't that bad in the beginning where it's very well used in outdoor locations but things get annoying in the subfloors of the base. Darkness is good as long as you see where you're going but here you don't. Don't even think about playing this day time.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: Well designed level with some nice outdoor sceneries but half of the level is too dark & annoying.

Rating: 89