The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Serialkl | Single/DM | Author: Frank Plantamura | Download 529kt

'Serialkl' is a typical house level with a yard, lots of rooms, some underwater areas and a basement. Design is average. At times it has some details but sometimes it's empty. Shadows are good - especially on the outside. Outside area looks good from other aspects as well with some nice looking houses (which you can't enter) and mountain surroundings. Basement reveals some nice buried corpses. Biggest problem with the level is texturing. Mostly it's average but sometimes it's poor. There are a few rooms where crate texture is used as wood texture. Also one room was covered with Duke3D poster texture. Gameplay was fun even there could have been more monsters (or at least different skill levels) - with about 50 monsters and two Portable Medkits Serialkl was a bit too easy.


Rating: 85