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11th of May 2003

Sewers and Strippers | Single/DM | Author: Rob Wijkstra & FakirBaba | Download 67kt

Description: 'Levelord' style city level from the authors of City Terror & Fakir3D.

Design: Levelord style indicates to original Duke levels in episode three 'Shrapnel City'. Sewers & Strippers is a medium size level with street areas, a sewer complex & a night club. Design is simple and detailed and most of all - realistic. Buildings look very good - some of them have been added to background just to give a touch of realism. First part of the sewer complex (Sweeney company of course) is a bit empty - especially the room with only a desk. Shadows are very good looking - especially in the first street part. Wall lights are impressive as well and they emit light as they should.

Textures: Eh - normal E3 textures and some sewer textures from good old E1L2. First sewer part (before the waste tunnels) could have used a better variety of different textures - now it looks a bit boring.

Gameplay: Gameplay feel is also straight from original city levels. Replay value is big due to simple puzzles, medium size & good monster/ammo placement. There are quite a lot of monsters including dozens of eggs (sewers) & two Battlelords. RPG & Devastator aren't included so you have to avoid fighting with two Battlelords - it might be a bit tough for newbies but at least I enjoyed this different opportunity. Besides - you're given a pack of steroids so running away from them isn't that bad.

Innovations: Hmmm... nothing really - some points for different Battlelord battle.

Conclusion: Well designed and very familiar city level with some replay value.

Rating: 89