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24th of January 2012

Routine | Single | Author: Perro Seco | Download

Description: A medium-size, open-layout city map originally intended for a Total Conversion.

Into it: Here's a map that's quite stingy with items. Most of the time you're running around, hoping to stumble upon some health or ammo, or even just a bathroom to relieve yourself for 10 health points. You cannot afford to miss many shots; if you do, you're pretty much screwed. For the sake of variety I found this refreshing as I had to resort to tactics rather than my usual style of running around guns blazing. Purely in layout terms this section of La La Land doesn't have anything you haven't seen a billion times before. You've got a square area with a bar, a hotel et cetera. But I love how, in terms of design, everything has a refreshingly classy look. In place of the usual hues of brown and grey you've got more interesting things surrounding you all the time. This impression is enforced by the use of dozens of sprites as windows ( la Shadow Warrior) and the inclusion of moving cars, giving the impression that there are actually people living in the city. Too bad then that some of the indoor areas look rather bland thanks to lacking lighting.

Conclusion: Routine is a challenging city map where you're constantly surrounded by chic apartment buildings. You may or may not like the challenge and the lack of proper indoor lighting is bound to catch your attention.

Rating: 90

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