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Roch 7 | Single/DM | Author: Pascal Rouaud | Download 142kt

Now we already have here the seventh Roch level (actually 8th). Style is the same as previously of course but once again - with some nice & new little improvements.
Most impressive thing in Roch7 is amazing spritework. This time it's not just chairs but now we have a lot more. Whole floors have been built with sprites. There's also a lot more like this amazing drum kit, microwave & a lot more.
There are also some nice inventions like this exploding elevator. On the streets you are once again able to see lots of nice cars, buildings and two incredible good looking monuments (another looks nicely futuristic).
Once again you are hunting keys but this time you are doing it with a bit more freedom. Well you'll see.
One thing which I didn't liked was the sky & the feeling it gave. It was a bit darker than previously and now the feeling on the streets is not so sunny anymore. Well you'll understand what I mean once you play it.
New midi is horrible (I'm finally able to play music - SOMEHOW).

Roch 7

Rating: 96