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Roch6 | Single/DM | Author: Pascal Rouaud | Download 127kt

Pascal's seventh Roch map brings us once more kick ass action in a city. Roch5 was too much like Roch3. This one hasn't got anymore that repeat problem. Theme has changed. First of all you don't start from a street and try to find keys to all doors but you start from a building and you'll stay there for a while before you get out to the streets - and when you do there's some eyecandy there. Streets are looking so beatiful from the outside - you haven't seen anything like this in other Roch levels. Number of secrets is 5 and once more they are all worth to look for. Map has also a very nice looking car (like Roch levels usually has). Gameplay is good. Monster/ammo balance is great and puzzles are ok. Textures are great too. Pascal is using and mixing old Duke textures so well that they look like new ones.


Rating: 94