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Roch5 | Single/DM | Author: Pascal Rouaud | Download 120kt

Pascal's famous city episode has come to its fifth (or sixth if we include Roch_Sc1) part. Design is getting better all the time. Sectors are more detailed and textures are looking much better than before. Gameplay balance between monsters and ammos is perfect (at least for me) and there are once again some nice secret places to look for (six secret places). Sky is once again that old blue (which I love and fits for Roch levels) and things like that. Well Pascal is running out of ideas. Roch5 includes lots of those small ideas and secrets but we have seen these things already before in other Roch maps. Instead of new ideas Pascal recycles the old ones. The only real new ideas are some door sounds. Anyway Pascal has already gave us so much new ideas so it's not a miracle. Anyway Roch5 is too much like Roch3. Roch4 which had a really nice theme is still my favorite. Hopefully Roch6 will include some special city themes like Roch4 had a contest and not just city blocks - perhaps that building in the blocked area of Roch5 could be a good place to go next:) By the way, use 'DNCLIP' to access some blocked areas to find messages:)


Rating: 93