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18th of December 2005

Retrospective | Single | Author: Kevin Cools and Turpuli | Download 88kt

Description: Retrospective was released & reviewed over three years ago by Kef and Turpuli. However, it had one major bug which made 1/3 of the level quite useless. Last summer, an updated version was released by Turpuli. This extended version adds many more minutes of gameplay.

Design: The map basically consists of two parts - one is the Shop'N Bag area and a newly added sewer area near it and the other is Kef's street area with a bunch of short locations. Design is sweet, the streets look clean, maybe a bit too clean and Kef is a master of details and shadows.

Gameplay: The extended version adds more gameplay to Turpuli's part. The new sewer part, although from Extermination, is fun and well attached to the rest of the map. Shop'N Bag plays better now that it has a purpose. Puzzles are typical keys and buttons for the most part. The ending is a bit anti-climatic.

Innovations: The conveyor belt effect is pretty cool although a bit dated now.

Conclusion: Well worth having city map from two top builders. Check the old review here.

Rating: 93