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Retrospective | Single | Author: Kevin Cools & Juha Laaksonen | Download 78kt

Kevin did 'Eye-Witness' with Alejandro and now he did 'Retrospective' with Juha Laaksonen (Juha only did Shop'n Bag - similar to his 'Nukeshop'). Right now I'm trying to think what special could I say about this level instead of that normal design, shadow, gameplay stuff. But can't figure out anything special to say. Mostly because 'Retrospective' looks like any city level with all sorts of locations. Design is excellent and pure (everything fits - neither bugs nor bad textures). Streets look amazing from the outside, shadows are all there etc. You need to find more than three cards and it takes quite long time to complete this level (15-20mins). It's something which happens rarely these days when levels are very small due to detailing. This map has details, excellent spritework and a big gameplay area. In the end there's also this nice new trick - a new use for Pipebomb. Level has two underwater scenes which are well done and not too easy (not just a visit). However level has one big bug in the beginning - Shop part is extra because you don't need any cards to access the red key (door that covers the red key is open) which leads you to bigger part of the city. Good & quite long city level with nothing unusual.


Rating: 93