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8th of December 2009

Research Station | Single | Author: C3PO | Download 64kb

An old map from C3PO who built a couple of good maps (including some of the best ones in Starship Troopers TC) back in the days. This generically named map is, well, a research station in the arctic.

You'll do a bit of walking and swimming before entering the actual base. The snow-covered mountains and outdoor areas are of pretty low quality by today's standards but I've seen less inspiring landscapes. The base itself looks pretty bland when viewed from outside but its indoor design is better, mostly thanks to good overall lighting and consistency in texturing. The station consists of two floors with several small and cramped rooms in each floor. After finding a few keys, you're back outside, making your way to a submarine, your ticket back home. There's nothing that blows your mind away or even catches your attention but the map is solid work and a fun ride while it lasts (less than ten minutes).

Rating: 86

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